Navigating the Tech Throng: Avoiding the Full-Blown Summer Slacker Meltdown

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How often have you wished as an adult that you still got summer vacation?  This isn’t an automatic indicator of your inner slacker.  When it gets hot outside, we are all inclined to want to slow it down a little, grab a little sunshine, and skip wearing shoes.  In this summer mindset, working from home, (WFH) gains a little extra appeal.  You can sleep in instead of commute, get some more wear out of your favorite blue jean shorts, and hide your dress shoes under your bed until September.  A study by Stanford this year even suggests that WFH employees experience up to a 13% bump in work performance.  See, statistics can be your friend.

While WFH has a certain appeal, it can also wreak havoc on your productivity, turning your modest intentions of slowing down a little into a full-blown slacker summer meltdown.  Given the increasing numbers of cloud and mobile business applications, the workforce has certainly been unchained from their desks.  Admit it, we can all reply to emails while waiting in line at Starbucks, but aren’t we really more likely to be checking Facebook? At work, you don’t want to get caught trolling Facebook or emailing cat videos to your friends, but with WFH, whose going to know?  At, we have whole-heartedly embraced the work from anywhere philosophy.  WFH can still be a little bumpy for beginners, so here are a few tips from your friends here at to help you keep that summer cool without abandoning your TO-DO list all together.

Still leave the house

A healthy work-life balance advocates for separating your work and home-related activities by both time and location.  Committed work-from-homers often have a dedicated space, such as home office to help them remain productive, but we don’t always have the space to spare and it shouldn’t keep you from being productive outside the office. The simple solution is to still leave the house. Throw on some comfy clothes and head down to your favorite coffee shop or even the local library.  You’ll automatically feel more accomplished because you managed to get dressed and you’ll have separated yourself from all those looming household chores that only seem appealing when your procrastinating.

Embrace the beauty that is a deadline

Find Starbucks too crowded or too likely to negatively impact your wallet and waistline? You can achieve a similar boost in concentration by demarcating between work and play with time rather than location. Instead of falling for the WFH “I have all day to get this done” excuse for goofing off during working hours, self impose deadlines.  Promise your boss your next report not just today, but by a particular time.  You can also use your social calendar to keep you focused.  Need to meet your friends for after work drinks? Better get all those emails finished. You can even sign up for an early evening fitness class to help give the workday a definite cutoff.

Ban your Social Media bookmarks to your back up browser

By now, we all have at least two web browsers on our laptops, but we all only have one default browser. Consider applying the principles of a healthy work-life balance to your web browsing.  Stock your default browser with all those tools you need for work, but ban bookmarking of anything that distracts you from work, such as Facebook or YouTube. Save all your personal bookmarks for your back up browser.  Not enough distance from your status update?  Remove your back up browser from the dock or start screen.  The same can be done for your mobile device.  Sort all your work apps onto one screen away from your personal apps and turn off your social media update banners during working hours.

With solutions like, you can really work effectively from anywhere, especially in the summer when that slightly slower pace can really help recharge the batteries on your life.


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