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Our mission is simple – to design, supply and support the most intuitive software an emerging enterprise will ever need. To do this we recognize that our people and values are more important than our products and technology. Explore our “A…Z” of company values…

  • A for turning customer adoption into addiction through continuous feedback and improvement
  • B for building beautiful looking products, no compromises
  • C for customer success, turning customers into sales-people through testimony and reference
  • D for adopting a David vs. Goliath mentality – it’s us against Netsuite, Deltek and Microsoft!
  • E for building products that are easy to deploy and easy to use
  • F for having fun as a company
  • G for taking a global outlook from the beginning
  • H for hard work and single-minded dedication to our goals
  • I for being innovative, and asking our employees to build innovation into their work every day
  • J because while we might have fun doing this, we are not joking about our aims
  • K for more than 1000 years of industry knowledge built-in
  • L for listening to customers and incorporating their feedback into the product
  • M for taking our own medicine, using what we build and supplying to customers and partners everything that we use internally
  • N for not letting our facilities, technology and employee’s knowledge get out of date
  • O for having everyone on message, pulling in the same direction and saying the things about our company
  • P for projecting success, thinking several years ahead and showing confidence even when we are not
  • Q for building quality into everything we do
  • R for being responsible, both socially responsible to our communities & market and financially responsible
  • S for being sustainable, as a business and in the resources we consume
  • T for being transparent with employees, investors and customers about our performance and results, including areas we need to improve
  • U for being user-centric, selling to the end user not the just the CEO/CFO/CIO
  • V for validating everything we do with back-up data and customer references
  • W for being worthy, having a cause and believing in it
  • X for excellence in everything we do
  • Y for being young at heart
  • Z is probably what you need now if you are still reading this (zzzzz)…

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