Manage your firm from lead to payment in our
integrated business environment

Available on web or mobile for one low monthly user fee

Collaborate on Project Delivery

Manage resources, schedules and client or internal deliverables. Monitor actual and projected costs and revenues, as well as cost and schedule performance vs. budget.

Make Time Tracking Easy

Capture what you do as you do it, online or on your phone. Capture billable time, internal activities and time-off and have it automatically update progress, costs and generate invoices.

Recover Lost Revenue

Generate clear, customized and professional looking invoices in seconds for fixed, retainer and time & materials based projects or service contracts. And update your accounting system.

Control Expenses

Submit expenses effortlessly by connecting your bank or credit card and matching transactions to pictures of receipts. Our flexible multi-currency system can be customized to enforce your policies.

Track Time-off

Track and approve vacation, sick and other absences with our flexible time-off request, approval and accrual module. Pre-approve vacations, check balances and know exactly who is eligible for health-care benefits.

Manage People not Spreadsheets

Employees, HR reps and managers love our HR admin because you can include as little or much information as you need and people can update their own profiles.

Be More Customer Focused

Import, track and score leads, manage and monitor your pipeline and forecast revenues and opportunities. Turn sales into a measurable process.

Improve Your Customer Service

Connect to your customers on-line or via email, tracking tickets and measuring
service level achievement at each step. Effortlessly bill for time spent or tickets closed.

Discover What’s in Your Business

Create dashboards that give you new insights into your business, and get answers as quickly as you can think of questions. Or use our pre-delivered dashboards for project and client profitability, time and expense tracking or utilization and more.

Involve and Engage Your Team

Share documents, comments and messages with your consultants and customers in real-time via web, phone or email. Get your whole team on the same page and working the same way with our fully customizable workflows.

Connect to Existing Systems provides end to end support for your business from business acquisition to billing. It comes with pre-delivered connections to Quickbooks, SAP, SalesForce and ADP. Curious to connect to another system? Just ask.

Be Secure in the Cloud

Access your data anytime and from anywhere while others cannot. We create databases for each client in Amazon’s secure cloud so you can sleep at night.

Tools Everyone can Use

Submit time, capture expenses, update task progress, comments and files from your iOS or Android phone on the road or at the client’s site, including offline. We adopted a mobile-first strategy to engage your consultants on their own terms.

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