Making expenses
fun again

Track Expenses Direct from
Your Bank

Securely connect to your bank or credit card. Your transactions are automatically imported and categorized, ready for you to select and submit from your laptop or mobile device. Or, simply enter cash expenses.

Get Rid of those Pesky Receipts

Bulging wallets are a thing of the past with our expenses module. Snap a picture of your receipts and upload them from your smartphone, or scan and link them. They will be matched to credit card transactions or converted into claims.

Enter Expenses from
Anywhere in the World

If you are an international jetsetter, we have your back. Enter expenses in any currency and watch it convert to your home currency using daily spot rates. We’ll even add VAT, GST or HST when it’s applicable. When you’re on the road, use our GPS enabled trip mileage calculator.

Expenses Your Way

‘One size fits all’ often fits no-one. Whether you require specific categories, policies, or approval levels, our highly flexible tools bend to meet your needs and track your expenses – all the way to reimbursement and customer billing.

Start tracking expenses