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“iBE.net: Juxtaposing Accounting, Payroll & CRM Systems”

Insights Success | 12/28/2015

Founded in 2011 and undertaking a “clean-sheet” approach to designing best in class software for the modern age, with an intuitive user interface and first-class architecture, iBE.net provides cloud and mobile time and billing solutions, and more, for professional services firms.

“iBE ranked in top ten Business Mgt. Apps from GetApp”

GetApp | 11/8/2015

GetRank is GetApp’s quarterly ranking of the top 25 cloud-based Business Management apps, based on five criteria covering user reviews, integrations, mobility, media coverage and security. This is a completely independent score of any relationship between iBE and GetApp! iBE.net was ranked 10 out of the top 25 apps. Price was notably NOT CONSIDERED in the evaluation and we happen to know that iBE.net is way less expensive than the other nine apps in the top ten, sometimes by a large multiple.

“iBE.net Receives Maximum Rating From GetApp”

PRWeb | 10/05/2015

GetApp, an independent marketplace that helps businesses discover, compare, review and purchase business applications, today announced it has awarded maximum rating to iBE.net , an integrated cloud solution that enables businesses to efficiently manage contacts, projects, tasks, time, expenses, billing and analytics all within one collaborative platform.

“iBE.net awarded 20 Most Promising Project Management Solution Providers (2015) by CIO Review Magazine”

CIO Review | 08/29/2015

iBE.net is pleased to announce being awarded 20 Most Promising Project Management Solution Provider for 2015 by CIO Review Magazine, the world’s leading, neutral source for technology decision makers (www.cioreview.com). After extensive research CIO Review selected iBE.net to be represented as one of the best project management applications for enterprises because of our innovative cloud-based approach, broad functionality and seamless and simple user interface.

“Start-up of the Year 2014 – Financial Software”

SiliconIndia | 11/21/2014

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has been around for quite some time. To decode the humungous and yet growing data and make the whole system automated, hassle free and prolific, ERP solutions have become a core necessity for enterprises of all sizes.

“Why iBE.net Chose MongoDB”

MongoDB | 11/26/2013

Founder Richard Minney shares with MongoDB the 3 important reasons why iBE.net chose MongoDB over relational databases.

“iBE.net Review – Run Your Business More Effeciently “

GetApp | 11/4/2013

GetApp tests out iBE.net on web and mobile and gives an end-to-end product review, concluding that, “iBE.net is one of the best web apps available for end-to-end business management.”

“How Startups Are Like Food”

Wired Insights | 11/4/2013

A look at how startups must evolve to survive, by co-founder Simon Hopkins.

“5 Points to Consider when Choosing a Project Manager”

aiim | 9/19/2013

Picking the right project management tool can be a long and painful process. Snajeev Kumar offers a simple 5-point test to help you pick the best solution for your organization.

“ERP In The Cloud Gives Old School A Stormy Forecast”

Tools Journal | 9/12/2013

The gap is widening between legacy ERP and cloud ERP as traditional on-premise tools are shifting toward delivery of applications over the Internet. What happens to legacy ERP systems as the cloud takes over? iBE.net CEO Richard Minney weighs in.

“Zoom In: How to Speed Up Sales by Narrowing Your Focus”

NJ Tech Weekly | 9/11/2013

Simon Hopkins shows tech star­tups how to find highly tar­geted, gran­u­lar chan­nels to more effectively reach po­ten­tial cus­tom­ers.

“Is the Cloud Really Less Costly Than On-Premise?”

Cloud Computing Journal | 9/10/2013

Founder and CEO Richard Minney sheds lights on the hidden factors businesses need to consider when choosing between cloud and on-premise software.

“3 Signs You Need Business Process Automation”

Business Computing World | 8/8/2013

What should you look for in your various departments that might suggest the need for process automation? Founder Richard Minney points out three important indicators.

“Cloud Product Guide For Small Business”

Small Business Digest | 8/2/2013

iBE.net featured in Small Business Digests Cloud Product Guide.

“3 Ways to Better Engage with Clients”

Corp! | 8/1/2013

What do we mean by collaboration and what are we trying to achieve from it? Founder and CEO Richard Minney provides 3 tips for better collaboration with clients.

“IT Mistakes: Like a Bad Tattoo”

Wired | 7/1/2013

Rushing IT mistakes can leave you feeling like you’ve gotten a bad tattoo. Simon Hopkins discusses why you need to look before you leap into the next tech trend.

“Devise A Mobile Strategy Or Perish”

Business Excellence | 6/22/12

Founder Simon Hopkins discusses the importance of developing a strong mobile strategy.

“Six Tricks for Overcoming Low Brand Awareness”

CommPro | 6/5/13

Director of Marketing Kate Miller shares six tips that can help startups earn the trust of potential customers despite lack of brand awareness.

“Products of the Week”

Network World | 5/27/12

Network World names iBE.net one of their “Products of the Week”

“Cloud-based iBE.net helps IT consulting firms run their business more effectively””

Network World | 5/23/13

Vaibhav Gupta is the managing partner for Vikalp Solutions, a 42-person SAP consulting firm, talks about the impact that iBE.net has had on his business.

“iBE.net Mobilizes Business in the Cloud”

Market Wired | 5/20/12

PRESS RELEASE: iBE.net, a developer of cloud and mobile-based business management software, announced the general availability of Integrated Business Environment (iBE.net).

“BYOD Security: Don’t Let Your Company’s Data Walk Out the Door”

Biztech | 2/7/13

Whether you believe BYOD is good or bad for companies to adopt, the one thing you can’t afford to do is ignore it.

“BYOD & ERP: Working Together Or At Cross-Purposes?”

Business Computing World | 12/13/12

Bring your own device (BYOD) to work has been gaining a lot of traction in all types of business and according to a recent survey by the Aberdeen group has seen a CAGR of 70% since 2008.

“5 Steps to More Effective CRM”

CRM Search | 11/21/12

Discussion on the priorities for implementing a CRM strategy

“SaaS is Still the Smart Choice for Business”

Wired | 11/19/12

In a tough economic climate everyone is looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing performance. Is SaaS right for you?

“3 important things to consider when choosing a backup service”

Mass High Tech Business News | 10/24/12

In a recent eVoice survey, nearly 40 percent of small business owners confirmed that their computer is the most valuable asset for their business.

“Six Trends Driving Workers to the Cloud”

Cloud Computing Journal | 10/18/12

The promise of working from anywhere is hardly an illusion any more. And the cloud has a lot to do with it.

“Five Pitfalls to Avoid with Open Source ERP”

OpenSource Magazine | 10/4/12

Don’t you just love spending millions of dollars to license an inflexible commercial ERP package?

“6 Cloud Trends Driving Workers OOO”

CloudTweaks | 9/18/12

Here are six trends driving us out of our offices and into the cloud.

“Death of ERP As We Know It”

Network World | 8/29/12

Try as they might, legacy ERP players have not yet made a dent in the vast and untapped market that is small and midsized businesses.

“Are Cloud Costs Hidden in Fog?”

Wired | 8/24/12

Are we really assessing the true costs of cloud software?

“Olympic Games Put Cloud On Podium”

B2Community | 8/7/12

Richard Minney asks if the Olympics could take down the cloud.

“What Can You Learn from Your Small Business Data?”

TIME Business | 8/1/12

Sanjeev Kumar of iBE.net suggests taking a look at a few areas that could yield valuable insights for your sales team.

“Insights from Small Business Data Key to Profitable Growth”

Small Business Computing | 7/24/12

Sanjeev Kumar of iBE.net says fast-growing small businesses frequently need to make quick but informed decisions, and access to the right information at the right time can mean the difference between making a good decision or a bad one.

“Towards an ERP that Levels the Playing Field”

Business Excellence | 7/27/12

Business management and ERP have undergone huge technological, social and economic shifts.

“Opportunities for ISVs Moving to the Cloud”

CloudTimes | 7/23/12

A primer for ISVs moving to the cloud.

“Cloud and Mobile Combine to Set ERP Free”

Cloud Computing Journal | 7/20/12

Between the giants in ERP and the freemium point solution providers, there is a gap in the market for cloud-based business management tools containing industry specific best practices and templates.

“iBE.net ready to move product out of beta”

Mass High Tech | 6/15/12

iBE.net is a startup creating cloud-based and mobile business management software for businesses that have outgrown QuickBooks but are too small or can’t afford SAP and Oracle.

“Shoot the Programmer”

SD Times | 6/13/12

Simon Hopkins: “A friend of mine, who is an experienced venture capitalist in the tech sector, once stunned me by claiming, ‘You need two people to write great code. One to program, and one to shoot the programmer when he thinks that he is done.”