Secure in the cloud

Delivered in the Cloud

As a modern enterprise-grade SaaS offering, was designed in the cloud era. Being delivered exclusively from the cloud means you don’t have to install, patch, back-up, fail-over, monitor, tune or upgrade the software. Ever.

Safe as Houses

We use proven partners to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Our 24×7 data centers are backed by Amazon’s SAP 70 Type II certified Elastic Cloud computing services with reliable, secure and high performing systems. So while you can access your data anytime and anywhere, others can’t.

Control Your Circle of Trust

Everyone can access just the data they need. Create custom user groups or job roles with specified access rights. You can limit access to specific tabs, fields or table columns for each job role, or even define document level permissions.

Secure Communications

We encrypt web browser and mobile device traffic to and from our servers using 128 bit SSL, with the added security of session tokens. This ensures any access to your data is from a secure source with a user account which you control.

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