Making customer
relationships stronger

Easier Ticketing, Happier Customers

If you’re a Managed Service Provider, our help desk has been designed with you in mind. Customers can raise tickets through our portal, email or phone, and track the status of tickets through to completion. Our easy-to-use interface allows your agents to track and assign tickets based on workflows specific to how you operate.

Clearer Service and
Performance Management

Service Level Agreements can be set for customers or internal targets, measuring response times at each milestone. Traffic light reporting make progress clear, tracking progress and performance at each step.

Solve Issues in a Snap

With our project and resource planning tools, you can manage and collaborate with your team on issues raised, whether they are working remotely, in the field or in the office. Track important metrics like ticket progress, time and cost of service delivery, and performance against contract.

Measure and Report on Progress

Since Service Level Agreement tracking and reporting is automatic, all metrics are accessible in our analytics module. In this way you can build clear graphical dashboards and ensure a smooth process and happy customers.

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