Take less time out
on Time-off

Keep Track of Leave and Absences

Centrally manage employee absences, balances and accruals with our automated time-off tools based on your own policies. Track any categories of time-off such as sick leave, vacation, service-days, bonus-days, jury duty or unpaid leave.

Manage Absences Your Way

Check balances or request time-off ahead of time, or record it in the timesheet, from the web or from your mobile phone. Manage company holidays and each team’s work calendars. And create your own customized approval paths.

Stay Compliant with Federal
and State Regulations

Did you know that with more than fifty employees you may need to provide health-care benefits to part-time or contract workers pulling more than 30 hours/week? Or some states require you to give sick-leave on a similar basis? Keep track of time, overtime, benefits and leave with our ACA and FMLA compliant tools.

Account for Time-off

Set monthly or annual accruals based on years of service or part-time hours worked. Our system can account for special rules for carry-over, negative balances, probation/notice, maximum allowances and more. And, you can make manual adjustments or cash-out untaken leave at any time.

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