Teamwork made easy

End to End Business Integration

Your projects, tasks, time, expenses and billing are all interconnected, so your data is entered once and available everywhere. Actions and approvals are delivered right to your inbox, and you can communicate with colleagues and clients and complete workflow steps without leaving your email.

Collaborate on the Go

Our fully loaded mobile application provides all of the functionality you need. It’s collaboration when you’re in a cab, at home, or on the beach so that you’re always in touch with colleagues and clients. When you can work from anywhere, time is never wasted.

Define Your Own Approval Paths

Take advantage of our delivered workflows or make them your own. Our workflow editor allows you to define document statuses, like “created” or “approved”. Or, create more complicated flows with activities carried out by multiple people or roles to automate collaboration and ensure tighter control and visibility.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Send comments to people by email by inserting a shout-out, or track work-assignments and business documents you want to follow. Replies from email are automatically recorded in our system. Everyone can get connected via our “BuzzBoard” – available on web and mobile – which acts as a real-time activity and workflow message feed.

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